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Sunbocca is spiritual, just like house music. It all began by an accident. TooMass and Ivanez met on a website dedicated to house music. Together they reminisced about the time when Czechoslovakia split up and borders opened up, giving way to new house music scene. They reminisced about the days when it was real house music, when sampled was just the beat, when the spiritual quality of house was present in newly opened clubs that didn't have CD players or "sync button" mixing.

Those were the magical times when real house music came alive by DJs touching the records, times when a newly discovered track could only be obtained on a vinyl and DJ's almost entire income would be spent on them. This magic existed until private satellite TV stations reached Slovakia's market and people started to watch rather than listen to music. This was the reason Ivanez and TooMass decided to found Sunbocca House Music Community some time in 2006/2007. Their goal was to seek people who are dedicated to the tradition of house music and not its modern commercialism. Their fellow DJs were the first to join, followed by new fans, they've been compiling an archive of old and new music. The old times of spending money on music and tools were back. The real house music has the potential to keep one's soul balanced, their life filled in harmony and creativity.

Today, Sunbocca family connects many creative DJs who release their own tracks which is a testament about the magical qualities of this style of music. It just needs great headphones, a bit of chill and you will be ... perhaps with us!





DJ Ivanez



I was born to play House Music. I live for it. I started playing house Music in 1991, influenced by DJs like JL, Rasto Očenáš and Truhlík.

I began to devote more and more time to being a DJ in 1999, I couldn't get enough. I took the opportunity to spend 2 years in the UK doing small private parties in 2006, before returning home to Slovakia.

My style is Soulful, Deep, Jazzy and Vocal House. Music is a language which everyone understands and I will continue to devote myself to playing for the rest of my life.



DJ TooMass



I have been involved with music since my early school age. I used to only listen to music... After a period of time, I started to dedicate more time to music and spin at various events as a DJ playing various kinds of music.

It was in 1999 when everything changed, house music has found me. I was interested in everything about house music - house music genres, DJs etc. I have listened to many radio shows and read magazines about dance/house music.

I have met a lot of new friends with whom I later played at regular house music events. I was a resident DJ for about 2 years in a local club with DJs RUMcajZ & MASH. We also used to play at various parties outside of our home town.

I have been amazed and influenced by Caribbean and Brazil elements in house music. And because of that, my musical taste have been leaning towards Latin house music in past years. Of course, I have not forgotten about vocal-funky-jazz house which represents the root of house music to me.

I have fallen in love with house music. It is my life, my hobby, my relax, my everything ... :).



DJ Rumcajz



It all started back in 2001. There was a radio show that changed my life. Two gentlemen (DJs Carlo & Truhlik) were delivering the best house records. I didn't know at that time this was the music that will change me so much...Actually I wasnt listening to it, I recorded it...I listened to that session on another day and fell in love with house music forever.

Next episode was enjoying tons of house radio stations all over the world during studies at college. Another big influence came up very quickly, it was the PlanetSoul Network radio. A lot of quality house music mixes. As the first mentioned radio show was mostly vocal, funky & disco house, PlanetSoul took me deeper...

After one year of listening I decided to start djing which was definitely the best decision I ever made because it gives me a lot of joy every time I spin.

During the one and half year of residency in a local club and also some gigs of out of town I fine-tuned my taste in music to something which has soul but it is bumpy and happy enough to make the crowd crazy :-).



DJ Deeplogic



How did I started my cooking (making my own tracks) for Sunbocca?

I enjoy music from early childhood, but for mixing I´ve never dared. Now I know it was a mistake. I thank for all one "crazy girl", which introduced me to Ivanez. From that point I started to listen Sunbocca radio :) Boys played according to my taste: deep, jazzy, soulful and Ivanez suggested to me, that if I like it, I should start with practising. I still haven´t found my own style and from that reason could my tracks sound a little bit chaotic. I´m still learning new things and try new genres.

Making tracks started to be my hobby in a few months and I´m very pleased that the other people likes my work :).



DJ Mash



I grew up in the most beautiful town in the middle of Slovakia, Ruzomberok. As a teenager I started to look in music for something more than what was played in radio or TV. Then year 2000 brought big opportunity for me when DJ Marian Datel played fantastic house music in our small local “underground” club and I get chance to play house records on turntables. And that was it. Since then music is my passion and I get so much energy from music.

Back in 2003 with my friend DJ Deo I started to perform in local bar Icko where I meet TooMass and RUMcajZ and crew Dangerous Rhytms was born. At this time I also became part of legendary booking Wolfpromo.

Alongside regular weekends in Icko I played on parties in Poprad, Kezmarok, Banska Bystrica, Martin, Dolny Kubin, in Bratislava on BEE FREE 2004 and in Ruzomberok legendary gigs as In Da House, Bang Bang, Planet House, Nu Music, Akropola Clubbing, House Session and Techno UP where I performed with DJs as Marian Datel,Trava, Pat Heart, Clodagh, Dodo Man,Tlama, Denja, Biji, Facet, eLPe, Richard S, DJ Moo, Ben Glendon…etc.

I’m very open minded when it comes to music, my sets are mixture of deep house, tech house and techno with blend of Jazz and Funk. I love that groovy stuff.

In 2006 I moved to Dublin where I played at small bars but at present I spent most of my time producing music in my home studio. Whenever I decide to crawl out of my studio, it’s warranty of quality deep house music set. Music is my life and my life is neverending party.



DJ Purplelime



Growing up in the 1980’s helped me develop a love for a good funky synth that is still deep rooted in me many years later. My tastes have since mellowed and my favourite style is smooth soulful vocal house. I think it’s safe to say my mixes feature a heavy combination of both of these things.

I’m new to mixing. It all started when I discovered RUMcajZ and Sunbocca in early 2013. It was through listening to his live sets that inspired me to give it a try. I enjoy putting together a blend of the tracks I’m listening to right now and so far the feedback has been nice :).


DJ Pepe Loop


Pete Loop

Dj Pete Loop is one of the pioneers of the electronic scene in Slovakia. He started with djing in 1994 and already the following year won the competition in junior DJ mixing and later in the classic dmc competition Between 2002 and 2004 he lived in Dublin, Ireland where it met with DJ Jeff Walters and they together played Back2Back sets in most clubs around Dublin as TBMC Dublin, Viva, Bodkins, Voodoo, Mono, Switch, residency in biggest club in Dublin called Tivoli. He played alongside such names as Advent Cloud Young, Jay Danhem, Jeff Milligan. Pete have intuitive sense to create a perfect dance atmosphere and enriches his sets with pure scratching .

During his dj career he played around Europe in different countries as Barcelona Spain- club Zentraus and in winter time played gigs in the Apls in Kitzbuehel. Pete started with djing in 1994 and till now is still playing in clubs at home i Slovakia and also in Europe as in Spain, Ireland, Austria. His uplifting groovy tech house rocks dancefloors and with intuitive sense to will create the perfect dance atmosphere and enrich his sets with clear scratches. 


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